Five Great Vinegar Cleaning Hacks

There are many reasons why we love vinegar and you keep a gallon or two on hand all the time. First of all, it’s cheap.  Vinegar is all-natural and free of toxins. It has a high amount of acidity so it kills germs, bacteria, and even mold. Here are just a few ways to add vinegar to your home keeping routine. 1. Use vinegar to clean your carpets. Vinegar is perfect for cleaning carpets. It works in most commercial or home steam cleaners. To use vinegar in a steam cleaner, just fill the cleaning solution tank with full strength vinegar. This […]

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7 Housekeeping Hacks For Busy Moms

1. Clean your baseboards with a broom.  Prevent back pain by simply wrapping a cloth around your broom and securing with a rubber band. Spray with your favorite cleaner to easily clean your baseboards and walls. This will save you so much time! 2. Learn how to vacuum the right way.  When it comes to vacuuming your carpet, this method is sure to work wonders. Start at the corner farthest from the door and vacuum horizontally first then vertically until you reach your door. This will ensure that you are removing dirt and dust from all the fibers of your […]

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Tips to Clean Bathroom Water Damage

Bathrooms are one of the most common areas to suffer from repeated water abuse and have a high risk for water damage, but the cost and damage can be cut down with a few easy steps on how to handle water damage. The very first thing that should be obvious is to find the water shut off valve and turn it off to prevent further damage if you’re suffering broken pipes. There should be a handle on the toilet if that is the source of the leak, otherwise, you will have to find the shut-off valve for the entire house. […]

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Types of Cleaning Supplies

A clean house is a must for anyone interested in staying healthy and maintaining a good image. The variety of cleaning supplies available is wide. However, the following are a few useful ones. The Electronic Rechargeable Swivel Sweeper collects dirt very fast compared to other sweepers. It can be made cordless to allow flexibility during the procedure. It, however, needs recharging to allow operation. The carpet, the bathroom, dining room and vinyl can easily benefit from this machine. The glass cleaner/wiper consist of a very high-quality rubber blade that wipes the water off the glass. It also has a bottle […]

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6 Ways to Revamp Your Apartment

Whether you would like to keep up with home décor trends, or you simply need a change, you can give your apartment a fresh look [...]

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DIY Cleaning Hacks, As Seen On Global Morning News

 Life Maid Easy was on Global News on Saturday morning, sharing some of their amazing do it yourself, eco-friendly cleaning hacks for keeping your windows and metal items nice and clean. If you need any of the recipes to try yourself, you can find them below. Window Cleaner: 2 Cups warm water 1/4 Cup rubbing alcohol 1/4 Cup vinegar 1 tbsp cornstarch Orange rind (optional) Metal Cleaner (also good for collar stains): 2 parts vinegar 1 part cream of tartar

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DIY Cleaning Tips For Marble Floors

Marble flooring and tiling is seen as an effective way of adding an elegant and wonderful design element to your home. For those who are thinking of replacing then existing floors for example, then marble floor tiles would be an option worth considering. These natural stone materials are truly stylish, easy to maintain and clean, and come in a wide array of designs and color patterns. For instance, these tiles can either be rough or smooth or will have a pattern on them which may include hand-painted designs and patterns. The more complex the designs and patterns would be, the […]

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Basic Cleaning Tips That Anyone Can Use

Very few people actually enjoy cleaning, and most people actually hate doing it. There are a few things that you can do, however, to make the whole process a little easier, or at least make sure that all of the cleanings actually gets done each week. The following cleaning tips can be used by anyone, no matter how much they despise cleaning chores. Develop a Routine Schedule of Chores This is actually one of those cleaning tips that are easier said than done. It may be simple to develop a routine or schedule in theory, but it is much harder […]

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Hot Decor Trends for 2018

Start the year off with some of the most stylish and loved interior design trends. Take a look! Photo: Apartment Therapy Have you ever visited [...]

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How Often Should You Clean Your Chandelier?

Chandeliers serve as effective centerpieces for small and medium-sized homes. They are known to add an elegant and radiant glow to the rooms where you wish to hang them. However, at some point, your lighting fixtures can lose their shine and allure, because of many factors. Layers of dust that accumulate on the crystals and grime from other airborne pollutants may significantly reduce its shine. When this happens, it tells you it’s time to clean them. The frequency of cleaning a chandelier depends on the fixture’s type, location, and the shape of the crystal. However, many chandeliers suffer from neglect, […]

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The Most Popular Ingredients For Safe DIY Green Cleaning

While enjoying the pleasures of life and leading very busy lives, it is essential to ensure that the health and safety of our loved ones are not compromised during the process. With the highly demanding and challenging lifestyles that we lead these days, it has become now more important than ever to pay attention to our health and wellbeing, otherwise, it would not be possible to derive the maximum enjoyment from the various opportunities that life has to offer. While lifestyles have changed, people seek home management solutions which are both time and cost effective. Everybody opts for cleaning products […]

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Winter Driving Tips

Vancouver sure looks magical when it’s covered in snow. At least maybe a day or two, before the snow turns to slush and the roads become difficult to navigate. This could mean the lineups for the bus and SkyTrain are insanely long, and you have no other option than to drive. Whether you’re driving to work or departing on a winter road trip, you’ll want to make sure that you reach your destination safely. And in the winter, you need to take extra precautions to make sure your vehicle is winter-ready, and that starts from the bottom up – with your tires. […]

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Four Services to Have Done to a Home Before Your Family Moves into It

Moving into a new home? Here are some important things to change, add, and modify before your family moves in to increase safety and comfort! Photo: Via Pinterest If you have recently purchased a home that is more than a few years old, there are issues that may need to be addressed that are not […]

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Battle of the Bugs – 7 Tips For Keeping Your Home Pest-Free This Summer

Keep your home free of roaming, annoying pests this summer with our 7 easy tips! Pests are a fact of life, but in summer even more so. Who hasn’t experienced the annoying repetition of flies flying into their face while they try to do something simple, like walking to the mailbox? Flies, mosquitoes, wasps and […]

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Add Some Sparkle this Christmas with Sumptuous Champagne Drinks

Add some cheer to your dinner table this holiday season with these sparkling champagne drinks! Photo: Boho Weddings & Life Now that the festive season is well and truly upon us, many people will be thinking of entertaining friends and family. In addition to the food, one of the things that you will have to […]

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4 Tips to Selecting New Furniture for Your Home

Shopping for new furntiure for your home? Here are some of our top 4 tips on how to choose the right shape and style!  Photo: Lovers of Mint Choosing new furniture to adorn your house with can be such a design challenge for some. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. […]

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Six Alternative Ways to Pay for Home Repairs

Can’t pay some of your home repairs? Here are some alternative ways to pay those bills! Photo: Remodelscape If you have been thinking of carrying out some repairs on your home and you have not been able to bring yourself to actually do the work or do the major calculations, you might have to be […]

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Can You Tell The Difference Between Mold and Rust?

Do you have a mold or rust problem? Can’t tell the difference between the two? Here are some tips to help you identify the two! Photo: Somany Ceramics Many homeowners are certain they know the answer to this question. Mold grows on the walls near water, while rust is red and grows on metal. While […]

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